Outsource Medical Coding and Billing – Maximize Your Receivables

Outsource Medical Coding and Billing – Maximize Your Receivables:You get to maximize your receivables when you outsource medical coding and billing. If there is one way you, as a doctor or healthcare practice, can lose what is due to you, it is through faulty billing and coding. Insurance companies are looking for loopholes so they can make you settle for anything less than the full amount you are supposed to receive for the diagnosis and treatment. Electronic medical billing and coding are complicated technical tasks requiring precision and technical competence which doctors, who are immersed in the medical field, cannot be expected to possess. The only way doctors can prevent insurance companies from taking advantage of this is by outsourcing medical coding and billing to a reliable medical billing company. 

Why Medical Billing Outsourcing Would Work Out Fine

Billing companies have the technical competency, trained and well-qualified staff, state-of-the-art software and hardware resources, and most important of all, experience of the industry which gives them knowledge about the ins and outs of the coding and billing processes. There is nothing like a dependable medical billing company when it comes to submitting claims, billing and coding. Here are some of the areas of service offered:

Medical Billing and Coding Services

A reliable and efficient company should provide the following billing services:

•Patient Scheduling and Reminders
•Patient Enrollment
•Insurance Enrollment
•Insurance Verification
•Insurance Authorizations
•Coding and Audits
•Payment Posting
•Account Analysis and Denial Management
•AR Management
•Financial Management Reporting

The medical coding services should include:

•In-patient coding
•Emergency room e-code evaluation
•Medical coding audits
•Backlog coding resolution services
•DRG/ICD-9-CM coding validations
•CPT medical coding
•Ambulatory Surgical Centers Coding
•ICD-9 coding based on AMA and CMS guidelines

Through all these services, HIPAA and all comprehensive regulatory compliance is guaranteed. The coding specialists are very familiar with various coding systems and health programs.

Multifaceted Advantages of Medical Billing Outsourcing  

The turnaround times are quick with a medical billing company that has trained and experienced staff, as well as streamlined functioning patterns which the company has developed from experience. It keeps tabs on changing regulation, the latest diagnostic and procedural coding as well as new technology to always ensure the best service for its clients.

Some of the other advantages of outsourcing medical coding and billing to a reliable company are:

•Flexibility in the medical billing software used – the client’s existing billing software is used or the billing company uses its own software
•Accounts analysis by experienced professionals and AAPC certified coders
•Presentation of monthly and weekly reports about productivity, projections, procedure code analysis, and global pending problems
•Regular QA checking in coding and AR management, as well as for clean claims

It is through these features that you get to maximize your receivables when you outsource medical coding and billing.

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